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Want to make year-round progress on your personal Road To Gold?

Join Hamish Willcox and Andy Rice for a weekly deep-dive into all things sailing and racing...

Each week we run live Group Coaching Calls, hosted by gold medal-winning coach Hamish Willcox and sailing commentator Andy Rice.

We regularly invite top experts onto the calls to share their unique insights and experience with a view to making YOU sail faster (not to mention the champion sailors who join as part of our audience each week).

Where else can you get tailored advice from sailors like these?

Please find me a similar platform in any sport that provides unconditional knowledge, Q&As and the possibility to meet the finest athletes and coaches.

Road To Gold brings together novices with an Olympic, World and America’s Cup winners. Find me in Tennis, F1, NFL, soccer, basketball, swimming, track & field etc a platform that the sport’s legends reveal their secrets and talk regularly to the community… You won’t!

In RTG the amount of knowledge is enormous and applies to each individual regardless of his/her sailing experience.

Andreas Kosmatopoulos
President, International 470 Class Association
470 World Champ & 5x Olympian




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  • Get exclusive regular access to one of the world's top sailing coaches
  • Have your burning questions answered by Hamish and our special guest experts
  • Connect with likeminded sailors to share venue/class-specific information and resources
  • Build up momentum in your training, stay accountable with your goals, and continue stepping up the leaderboard


  • Unlock our Q&A Vaults, including 20+ calls with such champion sailors as Jimmy Spithill, Pete Burling & Blair Tuke, Hannah Mills, Torben Grael, Mat Belcher & many more!
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Who is Hamish Willcox?

A world-class coach with a solid track record...

🏆...won three 470 world titles with helmsman David Barnes in the early 80s.

🏆...since moving into coaching, been to seven Olympic Games and helped his athletes win multiple world championships titles

🏆...worked in four America's Cup campaigns, twice with Luna Rossa (2000, 2007), once with Oneworld (2003) and once with Oracle (2010), primarily in the weather programmes, but also doing after-guard roles for in-house racing and training.

🏆...coached for Great Britain during its halcyon rise with Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy and Shirley Robertson (1997 to 2008).

🏆...sailed in the Round the World Race...

🏆...and put together Road To Gold, the first program of its kind to demystify the principles behind world-class campaigning.

What our attendees have been saying...

This has been so helpful and eye opening from both a sailors perspective and as a coach. Worth every dollar and every minute. Thanks Hamish, Andy and the whole RTG community! Looking forward to getting back on the race course!” - Scott McBride, Laser sailor & coach

Best learning experience in 40 years on the water, thank you Hamish and Andy for facilitating.” - Penny Clark, Olympic Laser Radial sailor

Thank you so much Hamish and Andy and all the others that have shared so many insights. It has been such a steep learning curve. Can't wait for the European season to start and work towards our worlds.” - JWG, Dart 18 sailor

“It is great that more and more people are getting on the Road To Gold. Have been loving it, thanks so much for kicking this off during lockdown and then keeping it going with the Q&As. A lot of learnings not only for sailing, but many other aspects in life too.” - Jian Chew, Paper Tiger cat sailor

I joined the programme late and I am a weekend warrior, but I have taken away 3 or 4 valuable points from each Q&A chat. Thank you so much for making this so accessible. Looking forward to putting all this into action on the water.” - Zena Martin, GP14 sailor

Thank you so much, this has been an amazing resource and a great time! Stoked for next week!” - Maura Dewey, Laser Radial sailor

This has been an incredibly positive experience. Can’t wait to go sailing and try to put some of it into practice. Many thanks to Hamish and Andy.” - Chris Lewns, 505 sailor

I am in complete amazement of what you have achieved with the Live Calls! Fantastic sailors discussing the life we love. So informative, keep it up please!” - Sebastian Camisuli, 49er sailor

“Really obtaining value from the detailed process and structure of the program, as well as the live calls. Excellent stuff!” - Greg Reis, Windsurfer LT racer

Road To Gold is an interesting journey. From my perspective I think you and Hamish have hit a nerve where you are bringing the sailing community together, across classes, age, sex, weekend warriors and the superstars. That's the beauty of it. I think the topics for the shows are endless when things get back to normal.

Having live reports from events, interviews with the sailors and hearing the stories of successful campaigns in the past is always interesting. For me RTG is developing into a tool for improving my own sailing, being a part of the global sailing community and actually also entertainment!

Loving the show and the great questions and answers from you and Hamish. Who knows where this will end!

Frank Huth
Singlehanded keelboat sailor

We won't make a deal this good again

  • Weekly Zoom Calls (x4 Hourly Sessions per month)
  • Have all your sailing/racing questions answered
  • Get YOUR questions prioritised each week
  • Featuring world-class coach Hamish Willcox + Special Guests
  • Submit questions in advance or ask them live
  • Access all past recordings to watch at your leisure
  • MP3 downloads to listen on the go


≈ just $12.50/month

"What a fascinating session today! I learned so much that I will be incorporating into our training sessions and regattas." - Todd Kettner, J/24 sailor


How long does each coaching call last?

The sessions are an hour long, but sometimes we go a bit longer to squeeze in a few more questions.

When do you run the sessions?

We like to vary the times and days of the week so we can serve people in different timezones. Hamish is in New Zealand while Andy is in the UK, so it's a balancing act! You'll always be notified a few days before.

What if I can't make it for the live session?

No problem! Submit your questions to us beforehand and we'll make sure they get answered. You'll then be able to watch or download the recording the following day.

How long do I have access to the recordings?

For as long as you are a subscriber, they'll be available for streaming or download.

Do you answer EVERY question?

We try to get round to as many as we can. And, of course, we give priority to questions from paying customers (over other attendees who turn up during the live call).

HOWEVER some questions are more beneficial to the group than others, so if your question is only specific to your individual situation we are less able to discuss it in-depth. We are much more likely to address your question when it also applies to the average racing sailor.

What if I need more 1-to-1 help?

We are currently talking to some top coaches and will be arranging 1-to-1 coaching for people who want to get even more clarity on their racing. More on this soon!


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