Start using the Road To Gold Training Kit from gold medal-winning sailing coach Hamish Willcox.

  • Priority Checklist – determine the areas that will get you the results you want on the race course
  • Process Prompt Sheet – 60 training ideas to make sure you're not missing any piece of the puzzle
  • Training Planner – effectively break down your year to achieve your racing goals in 2021

"Road To Gold has been one of the best sailing experiences in my life. The systematic approach has really lifted my perspective another level. I can't wait for the season to start so I can implement the learnings and improve on my gaps."
Frank Huth, singlehanded keelboat sailor

"The program has helped me see things very differently. The discussion about venue, playbook, and knowledge build in advance is so obvious, but easy to skip over until someone makes you think about it. Really enjoyed the the structure RTG has provided."
Scot Zimmerman, Melges 24 sailor

Since we launched in late 2020, Road To Gold has helped put hundreds of sailors on the right course for predictable, repeatable success on the race track. It's a fun, step-by-step method that goes through every part of your race program and makes sure that your efforts are focused on the right places. It's easy to go off down blind alleys that end up wasting your time and money. Road To Gold will make sure you spend your resources in the wisest places and keep you on a path of never-ending improvement.

– Hamish Willcox

This training tool has been missing from sailing. I think it is fantastic that Hamish has put this together. Road To Gold is not only a great tool for coaches, but also sailors can use it to self-coach themselves and assess how they're going.”

Sir Russell Coutts, Olympic gold medallist, 5-time America's Cup winner